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July 28, 2011

Originally posted 31March2008

This weekend I had a dream in which I said “Inshallah” over and over again. After everything I said in my dream, I said “Inshallah”. After everything others said in my dream, I said, “Inshallah”. God-willing. If God wills it. Considering that my feelings towards God are skeptical, at best, I found it a bit strange that my subconscious was only willing to accept what was being said as long as it was okay with the big (wo)man upstairs.One of my favorite expressions in Spanish is ojala. I remember when I learned that expression. I used it often. Ojala – god-willing. The origin of Ojala is, of course, Inshallah.

I’ve also been known to have a certain fondness for the expression, “from your mouth to God’s ears”. This is less god-willing and more I-hope-God’s-listening-in. This expression must only be used if one is willing to go whole hog, and make the appropriate gesture, which is a combination of eye roll while pointing from person’s mouth to sky/heaven.

For someone who claims not to believe in a God who intervenes, I’m sure expecting this God to will or not will and listen or not listen to a lot of stuff.

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