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The Right to Bare Arms

August 10, 2012

Sometimes I really wish that part of the Bill of Rights that seems to indicate that carrying weapons is the right of all Americans was just a

Fun with Homophones!

simple homophone mix-up.  I mean, it happens. There/their, hair/hare, bee/be.  If Facebook is any indication, homophones are quite possibly the most confusing thing about the English language.

What if our forefathers really thought that sleeveless tops were crucial to liberty? I mean, it’s plausible. Sleeves can be dastardly things and quite claustrophobia-inducing at times.

Joking aside, I am loathe to join in on the conversation about gun control, not because I don’t believe it’s an important one, but because it remains one of those things that no matter the research, no matter the statistics, no matter the evidence that a society that condones armed citizens is a more dangerous and violent society, those who oppose gun control will not budge.

Much like capitalism only works when all parties are ethical, the right to bear arms only works when all parties have an unshakeable respect for human life. Unfortunately, neither of those things are true and consequently in both cases, we need to reconsider our approach.

If the recent senseless violence (and all the senseless violence of the past) isn’t enough to make us do so, what will be? File this under the category of Things I Don’t Know.



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  1. August 16, 2012 5:38 am

    I like this post and still disagree with you. I would never go sleeveless.

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