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At Least He Has Romnesia

November 9, 2012

Poor Romney. Poor sweet silly Romney. He really thought he was going to win. Despite my elation over the reelection of our 44th president for a second term, I really did feel an immense amount of compassion for Mitt Romney as he conceded the victory to Obama.

I said at the beginning of this seemingly never-ending campaign that I didn’t think the Republicans wanted to win, which is why they were putting Mitt Romney forth as their candidate. ( I still think this despite Karl Rove’s attempts at appearing shocked and upset when Fox News called it for Obama) It’s horrible to think they could use a person like that. I mean, he really wanted to win and he really thought he would. I can’t imagine his personal devastation.

Romney’s campaign was terrible. (I’m not saying Obama’s was faultless) he lied blatantly, switched positions and was never true to himself, though I think we’d all be hard pressed to know who that would be. Despite this, I believe he is a good person with good intentions. Most people are. And after putting yourself out there in this way, investing so much energy, time, and money into it, this kind of loss would be gut-wrenching for any of us. I think of his family who gave so much of their lives for his hoped-for success.

In all sincerity. I do feel for him. I think he was used by Karl Rove and the other white men who run the Republican Party for their own purposes. Some would say that’s just politics but I refuse to believe that. Politics has always been a dirty game, sure, but it doesn’t have to be filthy and both sides have a lot of work to do in that regard.

Good news for Romney is he tends to forget things like past actions and long-held positions. I suspect sooner rather than later this whole campaign and election debacle will be another victim of the Romnesia that invades his brain.

Until then, Romney, lay low, keep the TV turned off, and take a few rides in your car elevator. That should be fun.


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