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The Ties That Bind

March 15, 2013

I recently listened to an interview with author, playwright, and storyteller Kevin Kling on On Being (clearly, one of my favorite public radio programs). In it, while discussing his connection to spirituality he mentioned how as a young child he had a sort of inherent understanding that he and his grandparents were nearest to the light of the Creator (his words), he in the dawn and they in the twilight.

I loved this phrasing and couldn’t help but think of my own son who is so near the beginning of his life and therefore fresh from the Source, as I am nearing the middle of mine, which will perhaps be the furthest point I will ever be from God. I imagined my son and I, connected by a string as we travel along the circumference of the circle of life. He s nearly at the origination of the circle and I am nearing the diametric opposite.


My connection to him keeps me tethered to the Spirit as I edge towards the part of life that is consumed by taking care of others and building a career and finding personal and professional fulfillment. Anytime I get too wrapped up in these pursuits, I have my little Buddha at home, ready to remind me of what is important and how wondrous and beautiful the world is.

And then, as he enters middle age, I will be the one closer to the origination/end point and hopefully I will have uncovered the wisdom of the freshly born once again and will have done a good enough job parenting him to be able to be his reminder of what truly matters. He’ll have me on one end and perhaps his own children on the other end.


Doc3-page-0Then I imagine the mandala that forms within this circle when we add all the families connected through generations. The fabric and shape of the Universe reveals itself in this circle. And once again, I know for certain that all that matters in life, the only things, are the connections we make.


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  1. bbeaty permalink
    March 27, 2013 3:23 pm

    I remember so clearly feeling, when my daughter was little, that she kept me honest. That was the best word I had for the sense of centeredness I felt when I was with her. Everything was put in sharp perspective. You highlight well how much we need respect where others are on the path, as well as where we are. And how we all need each other.

    Thanks for this!

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